Frees us from inner tensions

July 10th 2012
When we sing, something powerful is set in motion physiologically, from the throat to the diaphragm, and then the voice bursts out. This is why singing frees us from inner tensions and heaviness. What do we know about angels? We picture them as winged creatures that sing – like birds. Both angels and birds are associated with the idea of lightness, flight and song. And so we must sing to free ourselves from everything that weighs us down. Humans could be cured of so many mental disturbances through singing! For the vibrations break up the dark presences wanting to cling to them. Singing is an expression of life; life itself is nothing other than song. And what could be more essential, more revitalizing, than being able to shake off the heavy atmosphere that surrounds us and enter those regions where everything is harmonious, luminous and light?