Can only evolve because of the involution of the spirit

February 25th 2011
There can be no evolution without prior involution. Thus what science calls the ‘evolution of species’ has to have been preceded by a movement of involution. This is true for creatures, and it is true also for matter. Before the evolution of matter came the involution of spirit. The advocates of evolution have only observed things from the outside, from the perspective of the organization of matter, without taking into account the invisible forces that had previously worked on it. Evolution is only half of a process of manifestation. Observing it in isolation cuts it off from the truth of life. Taken in isolation, this process has no place in nature. You cannot prove that evolution is possible without assuming the existence of a prior impulse, which activated it and continues to sustain it. And this impulse comes from above. It was spirit that came down first, and if we see matter evolving, it is because it is being carried upward by the movement of the spirit raising it back up to its place of origin.