Master, a spiritual

Reminds us of what we already know

July 15th 2012
You already know many things, but you do not know that you know. This knowledge comes from a very long time ago, when you still dwelt in the bosom of the Eternal, in light, love and beauty. There you learned everything about your divine origin, your predestination, the work you would have to do on earth to give expression to all the powers of your soul and your spirit. But in coming down to incarnate into matter, you forgot almost everything, and so you need a Master, a teacher, to remind you of what you had already learned about yourself and about the meaning of life. You will all have had the experience, when reading or hearing certain explanations or truths, of something inside you exclaiming, ‘But I know that already!’ Yes, you only had to be reminded, just as embers are rekindled from beneath the ashes.