Spiritual means

Should not be used to obtain material success

July 16th 2012
We need to know which methods and tools to use for each area of life. You will say, ‘But we all know that!’ No, many spiritual people behave like a hungry person concentrating hard to attract the food to their table, when all they have to do is get up and go to the cupboard. They have arms, legs, eyes, ears and a mouth to acquire what they need on the material plane, but instead of working they would rather pester heaven with their demands: ‘Lord, grant me success…, Lord, let me earn more money…, Lord, give me back my health…, Lord, send me friends…’ But heaven is not happy. It says, ‘Listen, old chap, you’ve been given everything you need to get what you desire. Why are you being so ignorant and lazy?’ When it comes to spiritual progress, you need to make use of your mind – in meditation, prayer and contemplation. But, for the rest, you just have to roll up your sleeves and set to work.