Children of the father (the mind) and the mother (the heart)

February 26th 2011
What are your children? They are the dreams, thoughts and feelings you had in the past which you have now made flesh and bone. If you do not know who you were in the past, then look at your children; they will tell you, ‘Watch, we have come to teach you many things about yourself.’ If you want to know the truth about people, you have to look at their children. You may say you are not married and have no children. Again, you are mistaken. Your deeds can also be seen as your children, and so you are bringing children into the world every day. Jesus said you can recognize a tree by its fruit. If your fruit is sharp, bitter, acidic, it proves that your inner mother (your heart) and your inner father (your mind) are defective. A deed is a child that can only be divine if the father and mother have conceived it divinely.