The most effective is life itself

July 24th 2012
Thanks to chemistry and various technologies, medicine has undeniably made great progress. But the best medicine consists in placing beings in conditions that strengthen their body’s systems of defence, that quite simply strengthen their lifeforce. Yes, only life is truly powerful. Look how it sets to work healing wounds, bursting abscesses, growing new skin… And yet, this life that is so precious is what we most neglect. Humans indulge in all kinds of disorderly activities, wasting their life energy, draining it, exhausting it, to the point where it is no longer able to deal with the slightest upset. Then they resort to tablets and pills… But that is dead matter! And if you warn them, ‘Be careful, you are losing all your energy!’ they are surprised. ‘But what do you mean? Energy is made to be used!’ Agreed, but used within reason, not squandered.