Scales, the

Of judgment are found first within you

July 26th 2012
What can be more terrible for a human being than to see death looming and to feel they have wasted their life? They go back over their past, and it is as if everything they hold is crumbling to dust. Even those who are said to have had a very full life may, in the end, only feel a sense of uselessness and emptiness. The scales used by the god Osiris in the Egyptian religion or Archangel Michael in the Christian religion to weigh souls, so as to determine their fate in the next world, are found first within the human being. Yes, this weighing first takes place within us. This is why, at the end of a life bursting with activity, so many can only come to the same conclusion as King Solomon in Ecclesiastes, ‘Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.’