Nourishing ourselves with it daily

July 30th 2012
In the morning when you watch the sun rise, tell yourself that the rays of light that fall on you are living beings able to help you solve the problems the day brings – but only today’s problems, not tomorrow’s. Tomorrow, you will have to go and consult them afresh and, again, for just that day. The answer these entities give you will never be for two or three days ahead. They will say, ‘No need to provide for more than a day. When you come again tomorrow, we will give you an answer.’ We eat every day, and we do not fill our stomach with a week’s worth of food, only with enough for the day, and the next day we start again. Well, this is how it should be with light, for light is food we must take in and digest each day, so that it can become in us feelings, thoughts and inspiration. Why do people not use the same logic with regard to light as they do to food?