Psychic states

Are brought about by entities we have attracted

July 31st 2012
The psychic universe of human beings is inhabited by invisible creatures. Their feelings of wellbeing and joy as well as suffering and sadness are brought to them by entities attracted by their thoughts, feelings, desires and activities. If those who suffer from anxiety or fear were clairvoyant, they would see grimacing beings stinging, biting, clawing and tormenting them in every possible way. These beings are known in the esoteric tradition as ‘undesirables’; they come to humans, thinking, ‘Ah, this good woman and that fellow are interesting! Let’s be a bit nasty to them; it will be fun to see them shouting and gesticulating.’ Yes, indeed, that is what happens when you are unhappy and upset. And when you feel great joy, if you were clairvoyant then also, you would see a crowd of winged creatures hastening toward you, bearing gifts of light… And they dance and they sing, leaving in their wake trails of shimmering colours and the most delightful perfumes.