Master, spiritual

What to look for in one

August 7th 2012
So often people seek a Master without knowing what to expect from one! To put it briefly, you could say that a true Master is a being who has worked for thousands of years to conquer all human passions. And so he emanates something bright and pure, and by coming to him and listening to his word his disciples receive a small particle of his aliveness and evolve much quicker. Otherwise, what use do you think a Master can be to you? He is not concerned with giving you riches, or a job, or a wife or husband. His concern is to impart particles of a higher nature that resonate in harmony with heaven. And if you can receive those particles, if you can preserve them and even develop them, you will sense in time that your thoughts, as well as your feelings and even your health, are improving. All you should seek from a Master are the right conditions for living the divine life.