High ideal, the

It alone can bring light and purity to our inner atmosphere

August 9th 2012
So long as humans do not understand that they must have a high ideal, a divine idea, to bring light and purity to their inner atmosphere, whatever they do they will always be dissatisfied. You see it everywhere – even on holiday, even in the best of conditions, in the country, at the seaside, in the mountains, something is missing. Yes, even away from their office, workshop or factory, they are unhappy. So long as they do not have a connection with the spiritual world, no material means can bring them comfort; whatever they do, they will suffer. Of course, no one can pretend the life of a worker, for example, is so wonderful, or that huge injustices do not exist in society that need to be put right. But that is another matter. The truth is that, the way these problems are approached, even if great material improvements were introduced, you would still find the same discontent, or worse. The fact that so many matters of a material nature have been resolved now for years, and yet people do not claim to be any happier or more satisfied, is proof of this and shows that what they are missing is of a different nature.