Master, spiritual

Reawakens in his disciples the memory of past experiences

February 28th 2011
When the decision to follow a certain path is etched deeply into your being, it becomes like an instinct that prevents you from straying and shows you how to avoid or overcome obstacles. If you too often forget the good resolutions you made, it is because you have not yet imprinted them strongly enough in your subconscious, at the very core of your cells. The role of a spiritual Master is actually to reawaken in the soul of his disciples the memory of past experiences and of the decisions they made. Otherwise, when they are once more about to cross over into the beyond, they will yet again have to admit to the mediocrity and inanity of the life they have just left behind. And they will be condemned to wander in the dark, arid regions of the other world. Jesus said, ‘Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.’ This recommendation sums up a whole science of life.