Alchemists that turn refuse and corpses into fruit

August 12th 2012
In some parts of the world, graveyards are planted with fruit trees, and there is nothing to stop those who visit them from picking the fruit and eating it. You might think, ‘Eat fruit from trees growing among dead bodies? How awful!’ But where do you think the fruit you eat comes from? For thousands of years, how many successive generations of human beings have there been on earth? And where do you think their bodies are? The whole of the earth is one big cemetery. Wherever we go, we walk over corpses, and the major part of what we eat grows on corpses. But the thing is, plants are great alchemists and transform everything. Whatever they are given – chemical fertilizer, refuse or dead bodies – they turn into flowers and fruit. So, when you see fruit trees laden with ripe fruit, think of the work of transformation they are able to do. Go up to them, and ask them to help you achieve this work in you too, so that you can give beautiful, fragrant, succulent fruit, that is, luminous thoughts and warm feelings.