Which we can become by means of our spirit

August 14th 2012
As created beings, we all need to receive elements from creation for our survival – food, water, air and sun, for example – just as we also need to make use of all the riches matter provides. The Creator alone is exempt from this law: he needs nothing outside of himself. But as he has left something of his quintessence in each of his creatures – a spark, a spirit of the same nature as himself – each person can also become a creator through his or her spirit. So, from now on, bear that in mind. Instead of always expecting everything to come from the outside, try to use your thoughts and your will to tap into as many of the elements as you need to nourish yourself physically and psychically. The teaching of the initiates has always been that of the creative spirit, and those who accept this teaching will always be strong, free and beyond circumstances.