Mediumistic powers

Why those who possess them must develop the masculine principle within

August 18th 2012
Why is it that so many people suffer from psychic imbalances? Because they have overdeveloped their feminine side, which is passive and receptive. This has laid them open indiscriminately to all influences, and after a while they don’t know where they are and feel completely at sea. So they ought to analyse themselves, study the effects on their inner life of the influences they have received, keeping only those that are beneficial and rejecting the others. Put another way, they must develop the masculine principle, which they also possess. Those people, in particular, who are highly sensitive or who even have mediumistic powers should learn to develop the masculine principle, since the gifts they possess are specifically feminine inasmuch as they imply receptivity. The crystal ball, which is used by certain mediums as an aid to seeing, is equivalent to water, the feminine principle in nature. The medium is receptive to spirits and to currents from the invisible world. But those spirits and currents are not all luminous, pure and beneficial, and people who have mediumistic gifts must learn not only to distinguish between the two but also to develop their will, so that they can repel the dark spirits and currents.