Idea, divine

Around which human beings must gather all the elements of their psychic life

August 19th 2012
For elements to hold together, there has to be a thought, a force or an entity to ensure their cohesion; otherwise, they will scatter. So, for a being to be alive, there has to be a point somewhere, a centre holding all the cells in their body together, and we call this point, this centre, the spirit. When the spirit leaves the body, there is no longer cohesion between the particles, and the body disintegrates. This law can be observed in all spheres – mechanics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology... Those who understand this law try to base their life on a single point, on a fundamental idea. They no longer allow all kinds of contradictory elements in their head and heart that will end up fighting each other. Instead, they have just one thought, one divine idea, around which all the rest comes together. Then the powers dormant within them begin to awaken and come to support them.