Spirit and matter

As aspects of the masculine and feminine principles

March 1st 2011
Spirit and matter… This is an endless question, since spirit and matter appear in many different forms: as masculine and feminine, positive and negative, emissive and receptive, heaven and earth. Nothing is more important than these two principles – the masculine and the feminine. But you have to understand their respective places and roles so as not to favour one over the other. Humans always tend to go to extremes: either they focus only on the spirit and neglect matter, or they focus on matter and leave out the spirit. This is what is happening today, when so many people are in the grip of matter without ever seeking to bring the spirit into it. And so, matter remains inert, lifeless, and eventually it engulfs them. It is because the spirit is alive in them and animating their matter that men and women can be so alive and expressive. And to prove it: when a human being’s spirit departs at death, all that remains is to bury them. It is always the spirit acting through matter that brings it to life. But without matter, spirit is unable to manifest.