Higher and lower natures

Learning to tell which one our impulses come from

August 22nd 2012
How often you are prepared to follow the advice of your lower nature! When it tells you, ‘You see that person – he has tricked you, wronged you, slandered you. You ought to teach him a lesson’, you rush to obey it, believing that right and justice are on your side. Well, they are not, and from now on you must be able to analyse where each impulse comes from. You will see it is usually your lower self advising you, and you should know then that no good will come of it. It takes years to acquire this discernment, for it is not so easy. In fact, it is a very subtle thing – the lower nature is able to take on so many deceptive voices and appearances! A true initiate is someone who has spent their whole life learning just that: how to distinguish between the impulses of their lower nature and those of their higher nature. You will say, ‘Is that all?’ Yes, but everything depends on this discernment! As long as you do not work to acquire it, you remain weak, feeble and unhappy.