Universe, the

Belongs to those who know how to delight in it

August 23rd 2012
Heaven and earth belong to us. Yes, they belong to us; we possess them, but inside us. Why should they belong to us outside, materially? What would we do with all those seas, forests, mountains and stars? Imagine a very rich man who owns gardens full of all that is most beautiful – flowers, trees, birds, springs, fountains… But business requires him to race around the world, and he spends his time in planes or in office meetings. He never has time to go for a walk in his gardens, and if he does happen to walk through them, he is so absorbed by his affairs he sees nothing. But there is a poet who comes there every day. He is very poor, but he finds every happiness in the song of the birds, in the fountains and in the colour and scent of the flowers, and he writes wonderful poems. So, who do the gardens belong to? To the poet. And what about the other man, the owner? He just pays the taxes!