Hand, our

Puts us in touch with human beings and with nature

August 25th 2012
One of the functions of the hand is to enable us to make contact with other beings. When we meet people of our acquaintance or even strangers, we greet them with a wave or shake their hand. But hands are a means of relating not just to human beings; through them we can also relate to nature. In the morning, when you open your window or your door, make a habit of greeting the sky, the sun and the trees. Say good morning to the whole of creation. You may ask, ‘But what use is that? Is there any point?’ Yes, the point is that you are beginning the day with an essential act – connecting with the sources of life. Also, the whole of nature will open up to you in response to your greeting, it will send you energies for the rest of this new day, and you will feel more alive.