Thanks, giving

From the moment we wake, for the faculties we possess

August 27th 2012
When you wake up every morning, are you aware straightaway how privileged you are? You have arms, legs, hands, a mouth, ears, eyes… Suppose you woke up one morning to find you could no longer see or hear or move a limb… That can happen – or you might not wake up at all!… But every morning you wake up with all your faculties, and you are not even aware of it; you are not grateful. Treasures and extraordinary possibilities are yours, but because you are short of money or have not had the success you had hoped for, you are forever complaining, rebelling and making yourself unhappy. If you think about it a little, you will realize the extent of your ingratitude and lack of intelligence. Learn to give thanks every day. The moment you wake up in the morning and realize that you are there in one piece, with all your faculties, ready to begin a new day, give thanks and you will feel happy.