Is what initiates appreciate above all in human beings

August 30th 2012
When people assess someone’s worth, most focus on the person’s social situation, fortune and qualifications and on how sophisticated their manners are, and they take those external advantages into account when giving responsibilities or allowing privileges. This is why they are often mistaken, since they have not taken the most important thing into account – the person’s character. An initiate, on the other hand, only judges someone by their character. Whatever the person has been able to acquire or receive from the outside does not impress them, for it is easy to acquire talent, know-how, scholarship or even fortune – all it takes is a few years or even a few months, depending on the case. But it takes many lifetimes of work and effort to develop qualities of impartiality, loyalty, kindness, generosity and courage. And these are the only qualities initiates take into consideration.