Causal plane

An inner peak reached through meditation

March 2nd 2011
Meditation is a mental exercise by means of which you strive to reach as high as you can in the spiritual world. It is a difficult exercise. To help yourself, imagine you are climbing a mountain and aiming for the peak: this image will take you to another mountain within you. Initiatic Science calls this mountain peak the causal plane*. The efforts you make to reach that far will increase your chances of realizing your highest thoughts and wishes, and you will also feel invulnerable within yourself. Jesus said, ‘Build your house on rock’. Rock is a symbol for the causal plane. On the causal plane you are safe, for you are very high up, on very stable ground, and nothing can reach you. If you build your dwelling on the mental or astral plane, with mediocre, humdrum thoughts and feelings, you flounder in the mire and will always be vulnerable. You must settle on the heights of the causal plane, and it is meditation that will launch you there.