Is always done to those who do their work well

September 8th 2012
Any one of you may be the victim of an injustice at some time or other. So, if that happens, first of all say to yourself, ‘This is temporary. It will pass.’ Bear the situation with patience, humility and love, and one day you will come out of it victorious. Even the best people can be victims of injustices, but if they continue to walk along the path of light in spite of all the obstacles they encounter, heaven and earth have vowed to give them what they deserve; this is an absolute law. So, why worry? You do not need to wonder whether the entities directing your destiny are intelligent and good, or whether they have fallen asleep and forgotten you. You only need to ask whether you are doing your work well, because the entities know theirs perfectly, and when the time comes not only will they restore all your rights, but you will be rewarded a hundredfold.