Can only be overcome through spiritual love

September 11th 2012
Jealousy – the feeling men and women experience when they sense that the person they wish to keep exclusively for themselves is getting away from them – is always a source of great suffering. It is very difficult to overcome. The only effective method is to learn to move your love to a higher level. Would a woman who loves a man because of his intelligence, knowledge, spirit or kindness not wish for as many people as possible to recognize him, appreciate him and want to meet him? If her love focuses on this man’s intellectual and spiritual qualities, she does not hold on to him, to his physical presence, for what she loves in him is something subtle, intangible, that nothing and no one can take away from her. And the same goes for a man with regard to a woman. Do you want to escape the clutches of jealousy? Raise your love; lift it to a higher level. Jealousy is inextricably bound up with sensual love. So long as you are physically attached to someone, you will want them to belong to you alone. But if you love them spiritually, you will want to introduce them to other people so that they too can appreciate them.