Body, physical

Easy to satisfy; the requests of the soul and spirit are those we must heed

September 15th 2012
Humans tend to respond physically when they feel unsatisfied. They act as if the feelings came from the physical body. So they offer it something to eat, drink or smoke, or to distract it – they take it for a walk, they procure every pleasure for it. And when the physical body is sated and can take no more, it chokes, complaining, ‘Stop, you’ll make me die, and force-feeding me like this won’t make you feel any better!’ But humans do not understand the language of their body. They persist, thinking that if they cannot find what they are looking for this time, they will possibly next time. Unfortunately, next time the result is the same: emptiness. But they keep on… Actually, it takes very little to satisfy the physical body. Our demands come from the soul and spirit, which are constantly praying and begging, ‘I need purity, light, space… I need to contemplate the sun… I need to become one with the Lord, to work for the coming of his kingdom so that peace will one day reign among all people…’ Those are the voices we must distinguish within, and we must pay proper attention to their requests in order to satisfy them.