Powers of severity

Humans lay themselves open to them

September 19th 2012
Good and evil are two forces active in the universe. These two forces are placed under the authority of God, the supreme Being. This idea is present in the sephirotic tree: there is the right-hand pillar of mercy and the left-hand pillar of severity. Between the two rises the pillar of balance, with the first sephirah, kether, the crown, at the top. Those who think only of satisfying their ambitions, lusts and negative instincts range themselves along the left-hand path, where they provoke the powers of severity. They are not punished by a terrible, vengeful God but lay themselves open to the severity of the cosmic laws. Those who, on the other hand, choose to walk the path of light range themselves naturally along the right-hand path, the path of mercy, and attract only blessings to themselves.