Head of the family, the

Who goes abroad; interpreting this on the spiritual level

September 26th 2012
A great many family men, unable to find employment in their own country, go abroad to work. They will stay there for months, even years, and when they return they are happy they are able to provide for the needs of their wife and children. But they had to leave them first… In a way, the same phenomenon occurs with those on a spiritual path. They meditate, pray and link up with heaven; you could say they too go abroad, with the difference that it is not for months or years: their spirit leaves their physical body for a few moments only. When the spirit remains too closely connected to the body, it cannot do much for it, so it leaves to earn money… or, let’s say, to collect light. When it returns, it brings light back to the body and its inhabitants: it enlightens them, enlivens them, purifies them and restores them.