Is only for the eyes

September 27th 2012
Beauty exerts such a power of fascination over humans that they are always tempted to approach it, to touch it, grasp it and possess it. But beauty cannot be possessed, for in essence it does not belong to the physical world. And so, it slips away at the slightest hint of a touch. Beauty is a world made exclusively for the eyes; it is not meant for the mouth or for the hands. It loves to be seen but cannot bear to be touched. So you should always be careful when you meet people who are beautiful. If your attitude is wrong, you can chase away the heavenly beings inhabiting them and giving them their beauty. And if the entities go away, the person will suffer, as they will lose that intangible element that also added beauty to their life. So our joy and inspiration depend on the respect we show beauty. By learning how to contemplate it each day, we taste true life.