Symbolically, must never be lowered

September 28th 2012
Disciples of a spiritual Master are often like walkers at the foot of a mountain who have no intention of climbing it. The mountain is there, that’s fine, they are very happy, they admire it, but the mountain is where it is, and they are where they are, at the bottom. From time to time, they glance at the peak, wishing it would come down to them just a little, but the peak continues to thrust upwards to the sky. This image of a peak represents not only a spiritual Master but also all those beings who in their own sphere have reached a higher perspective. They should never come down from the heights they have reached but, rather, seek to draw people up to them. And if they do not want to come up, never mind; they must be left behind! You will say it is cruel. But it isn’t, for even without coming down these great beings still send their brothers and sisters something of their thoughts and their love.