Harmony of the spheres

The song of creation

September 30th 2012
Mountains, trees, seas, the whole earth, as well as the suns and stars – all of creation – is nothing but music. Poets and philosophers such as Pythagoras and Plato have called this symphony of the whole universe ‘the harmony of the spheres’. Everything that exists emits sounds, but obviously not sounds in the sense we generally understand the word ‘sound’. The harmony of the spheres is a synthesis of all the languages creation uses to express itself. In nature, we perceive not only sounds but colours, movements, scents and shapes, because our sense organs give us a differentiated perception of things. But beyond our five physical senses we possess other organs capable of synthesizing all these perceptions, and at certain, rare moments it is possible to grasp creation simultaneously as sound, colour, form, movement and scent. This harmony of the spheres affects not just the senses. It is also a word of wisdom giving direction and inscribing divine law in the soul of anyone who has had the privilege of hearing it even once.