Always bring about consequences; how to approach sleep

March 5th 2011
No manifestation (whether of an event, an action, a feeling, a wish or a thought) can exist in isolation, with no connection to any other phenomena. Every manifestation has a cause and produces effects of greater or lesser importance and distance in time. You can observe this habitually in your everyday life. Suppose you have had a good day, but now, just as you are going to bed, something happens that makes you feel sad or discouraged. On waking the next day, you notice that everything good you experienced the day before has been erased, to be replaced by what you experienced as you went to sleep, and you are left with the painful impression. You will say, ‘But how is it possible for that unpleasant moment to erase a whole day spent in harmony and peace?’ Well, it is precisely because nothing remains without consequence, and anything uncomfortable experienced at the end of one day will make itself felt into the next if you do nothing to neutralize it. So, beware; watch your state of mind when you are about to fall asleep.