Written in us by cosmic intelligence

October 1st 2012
If you put a lemon or apple pip or a melon seed in the soil, you do not say, ‘Now, listen to me. I’m giving you your programme: you must become a lemon tree, or an apple tree or a melon plant.’ The pip or seed already has a programme written inside it, and you only have to plant it and it will carry it out by becoming what nature expects of it. It clings to the soil, and it grows day by day. When one phase is ended, it moves on to the next; it does not ask itself what it will have to do in a year or in a hundred years. Why am I talking to you about trees? Because human beings are also seeds with their programme written in them by Cosmic Intelligence. But they are not yet able to recognize it, because they keep making up programmes of their own, which only obscure their view and take them off course. They must keep themselves inwardly free and available, to discover the plan written deep in their soul.