Any kind of influence exerted on a being or an object

October 6th 2012
Any activity, however insignificant it may seem – a movement, a feeling, a thought, a word – has of necessity an effect for good or bad. And so magic can be said to be first among the sciences. It only takes a movement, an influence, an imprint or a vibration to enter the sphere of magic. Each time one person affects another person or an object, they are performing an act of magic. And yet, people look, speak, think, wish, feel and gesture without realizing that all the forces they activate in doing so are magic forces. Often, they may in their ignorance set in motion negative forces which rebound on them, and when they are grasped and bitten they do not understand what is happening to them. So it is important for everyone to learn to work on their thoughts, feelings, words, gestures and expressions, so that the forces set in motion by any physical or psychic action they perform will have only beneficial effects – beneficial for them, but also for every creature in the world.