Dressing and undressing

Correspond to the processes of becoming incarnate and discarnate

October 9th 2012
So many actions in our daily life that we consider quite insignificant take on a spiritual, cosmic dimension if we know how to interpret them! For example, every evening, before you go to bed, you undress. You take your clothes off one at a time, from the thickest down to the lightest: jumper, shirt, vest… Well, this gradual disrobing is a symbol for dying; all the clothes you take off represent the different bodies from which one day you will have to free yourself one after the other. And conversely, when you wake up in the morning and put your clothes back on (your vest, shirt, and so on), you are re-enacting the descent of the spirit. When spirit has to come down into matter, it also clothes itself, in a manner of speaking, as it enters successive bodies of increasing density – the atmic, then the buddhic, causal, mental, astral and etheric bodies – and finally it enters the physical body, its last garment. So, you undress every evening and dress again every morning; you have done so for years, but what are your thoughts as you do it? From now on, be aware of each of these actions and how they correspond to the processes of becoming incarnate and discarnate.