Kingdom of god

How the wise work to bring it about

October 10th 2012
Make the decision today to frequent the divine school. Get out your textbooks and exercise books, and start studying. You will say, ‘But there are those other people there bothering me!’ Well, just try to put up with them, and just let them be. You will all one day have to sit examinations, and then what you have learned, retained and, above all, applied will become apparent. It will not be me examining you but life itself. And life is implacable; you will not be able to mollify it with tales of people bothering you or preventing you from carrying out your good intentions. The wise do not complain about the failings and weaknesses they observe in others. They do not criticize them or fight them but tolerate them, while doing all they can to transform those same failings and weaknesses in themselves, for this transformation generates energy, which they can then send out as light. This is how they work for the coming of the kingdom of God.