Hands, right and left

Masculine and feminine principles

October 12th 2012
Even if we are aware in everyday life of the symbolism of each hand (the right representing good, the left evil), we cannot ignore the fact that all culture and all civilization are the work of both hands: they have to work together in order to create. The right and left hands are in agreement and in harmony, and they complement each other, each being one of the two aspects of unity. It is impossible to think of one hand independent of the other, for they are polarized: the right hand possesses the masculine polarity and the left the feminine. This is why they have often been connected with the sun (right hand) and the moon (left hand), both of which exert their influence on us. The masculine and feminine principles send out currents of a different nature through each hand, and they must work together if they are to heal, sustain, save, mend and enlighten.