That we can only overcome by linking in to the heavenly entities

October 13th 2012
Why is it that you sometimes feel invaded by forces, by entities that wreck your inner gardens, steal your wealth and extinguish your light? Because you have failed to connect to heaven. You complain, ‘I don’t know what’s happening… I don't feel well, I feel anxious…’ and to get out of this state you try distracting yourself, or you go to the chemist’s or the doctor’s. But you find that the distractions, the chemists and the doctors have no effect at all. The only way to escape being attacked by dark, harmful entities is to try to link in to the heavenly entities, to open your heart, mind, soul and spirit to them. This allows their light and blessings to flow down into you, to purify and nourish you. Creatures from the lower realms cannot stand up to the powerful currents from the heavenly regions and are driven back.