What attitude to have toward this reality

October 14th 2012
It is to be hoped that more and more people will accept the reality of reincarnation, so long as they know how to make use of it for their evolution. But what usually happens? Instead of understanding that the most important thing is how they are now and what they are doing to prepare for their future life, many make up imaginary past lives worthy of a novel or run to clairvoyants to have their past lives revealed to them, and the clairvoyants will often tell them anything to keep them happy. Actually, it is not difficult to know a person’s past. You can know what they have been, without going into the details, of course, from how they are today, their qualities and failings, their aptitudes and shortcomings: the way they are in this incarnation has not come about by accident. The law of cause and effect, which operates throughout creation, has acted to fashion their present lifetime. So, now they should be taking care of their present, in preparation for their future.