Astral light

Substance in which everything about us is imprinted

October 26th 2012
As living creatures, we are immersed in an ocean of fluid, which Initiatic Science calls ‘astral light’. This fluid substance is so sensitive that everything makes an impression on it. Everything – even the most trivial action, the slightest feeling, the most transient thought – leaves its trace, which spreads like a wave to the furthest reaches of the universe, that is, to the limits of the zodiac. Symbolically, the outer confines of the zodiac represent the boundary marked out by God to contain the created world. This is why some traditions have also likened the zodiac to a huge snake clasping the world in the coil of its body. If destiny is so implacable, it is because all our thoughts, feelings and actions, the good as well as the bad, have been recorded in this ocean of fluid we cannot escape, and some day they will finally catch up with us.