Universal family

Our feeling of belonging to it makes us grow in stature

October 28th 2012
Human beings tend to shut off from collective, universal, cosmic life and live only a personal, individual life. They imagine that safe from one another they will be protected. Well, no, this is an illusion. In the inner isolation they create for themselves, they leave their soul exposed to every danger. Even if you cannot always be with others, you should at least be with them in thought. The word ‘oneness’ is the profoundest word in spiritual science, and the meaning of our life is contained in it. Being aware that we belong to one and the same family gives us the confidence we need to do something great. The greatness comes not from us but from this universal family we belong to. It is what sustains us and saves us from the feeling of poverty, of loneliness, of uselessness and emptiness that sometimes takes hold of us.