Reaching a peak within, from which beneficial currents are released

November 7th 2012
Initiatic Science regards the human being as a microcosm created in the image of the macrocosm, the universe. And since the Lord reigns from the highest point of the universe, in human beings there is also a peak representing the Lord – their higher self. So when you concentrate on the Lord to ask him to grant your wishes, you touch the highest point of your being, and very pure, subtle vibrations are released and spread through you, producing highly beneficial changes. And even if you do not receive from the Lord all that you asked for, you do gain something, some very spiritual element. It is true that your request often is not granted, because from heaven’s perspective what you are asking would not be particularly good for you, and so it may be refused you. But your request is useful in that you have succeeded in reaching this peak within and so been able to release a higher power, which spreads through you, influencing all your cells and all the entities within, and bringing you extremely valuable elements.