Strength, true

Giving children an understanding of it from an early age

November 8th 2012
Already, at an early age, some children need to assert themselves, to show they are stronger than others. It is not always necessary to combat this instinct in them; it is natural for children to be attracted by strength and power. Adults, however, must have an input, to show them the difference between true strength and apparent strength. Children are easily impressed by tough words, by bluff and threats, and they need to have it explained to them that the wish to be strong is quite commendable, so long as it is properly directed. So it is important to help children, to urge them, even, to acquire true strength, the sort found in intelligence, love and kindness. True education is about directing, not repressing; otherwise you damage children, and they become cowardly, fearful and feeble and will submit to anyone and anything, which is far worse.