Never disappears since it is the complementary pole to spirit

March 9th 2011
The physical matter we know is just one aspect of matter. It is not true matter – even chemists and physicists do not know what that is. When they start breaking matter down, they merely note that energy is released. If their tools were more sophisticated, they would in fact discover that this matter has given way to another finer, subtler matter, belonging to another realm. But humans will never succeed in breaking down ultimate matter: only God can do that. When he breaks matter down, it will return to his bosom; nothing will exist anymore, and there will be absolute silence, a cosmic night. Until then, matter disappears the way clouds disappear. You will have seen it happen: a few white clouds begin to form out of a uniformly clear blue sky. Where have they come from? And a few moments later, they have faded into space and are no longer visible, although they are there. It is really the density of matter that changes; matter itself does not disappear, for it is the complementary pole to spirit. Even splitting the atom does not make matter disappear.