Why some people run from it

November 10th 2012
Many people are not afraid of supping with all the devils in hell, yet when it comes to the spirit, to light and higher states of consciousness, they are so afraid they run the other way. Deep down they feel they still need to give free rein to their whims and lusts. So it is no wonder they are afraid of a light that is going to show up their weaknesses and make them feel remorse each time they realize they have behaved wrongly. Those who fear the light of the spirit have not properly analysed why this is, and they justify themselves with all sorts of dishonest excuses, for example that spirituality makes people unbalanced and encourages them to neglect their family and friends. Whereas, they, of course, are wonderful parents and citizens… Well, it isn’t so – the real reason they run from the light is that they sense it is the worst enemy of their lower nature, which they do not want to make any effort to control.