‘i am that’

Explanation for this formula

November 17th 2012
Try to be aware each day that as a being you are not separate from the Lord, and eventually you will feel there is really no distance between you and him. This realization has extremely important consequences. You know that when you are in touch with someone, you are influenced by them positively or negatively. So, if you connect with the Creator, gradually you will become like him – full of light, power and love. Until then, whatever you do, the results you obtain will never be of any consequence, for you will always remain a separate being, and a being who is separate from the divine omnipotence can only be weak. The Hindu Masters give their disciples this formula to repeat: ‘I am That’, because in becoming imbued with this truth they understand that only ‘That’, namely God, exists. And then their consciousness expands, they merge with the infinite, they become ‘That’ and, as ‘That’, they can achieve wonders.