Animal soul

With which a human soul can cohabit

November 18th 2012
The relationship between humans and animals is still not well known. It is not easy to recognize signs that a human soul has been condemned to live in an animal’s body to atone for mistakes made in a former life. But this is a reality: the law of karma can for a certain length of time place a human soul in an animal’s body, where it will live together with the animal soul without displacing it. How many tyrants are thus condemned to live at least for a time in an animal’s body! Exposed to bad weather, made to search for food every day, constantly on the look-out, hunted, mistreated and beaten, they experience what they made others suffer. That is their punishment, and when at last they understand, their soul is set free. For we must never lose sight of the fact that the human soul and the animal soul to which it is linked for a time are different in nature: once the human soul is freed, it separates from the animal soul, which continues to live its own life.