Knowledge, age-old

Which we rediscover through the way we live

November 19th 2012
True, there are so many interesting things in the world to see, hear, read and so on. But try, all the same, not to focus too much on subjects that cannot help you change your life; apply yourself instead to improving the way you live. For that is the way you will attract true knowledge. Otherwise, what will happen is this: you will spend your time accumulating knowledge by all the means at your disposal – books, radio, cinema, television – but what you take in you will not retain for long. A few years on, it will all have faded, because the life you are leading does not have a positive effect on your memory, and so this knowledge will disappear. It is pointless wasting your time acquiring knowledge that will soon leave you. But improve the way you live, and true memory will begin to awaken in you. You will remember what you have learned over thousands of years throughout your different incarnations. Take note of that and never forget it. Those who know how to live divinely will find that all the knowledge recorded within them over thousands of years begins to come back into their awareness.