Oneness, inner

The importance of preserving it; an exercise

November 23rd 2012
Daily life is nothing but a succession of numerous preoccupations and activities in which your energies are bound to become dispersed, so that by the end of the day you sometimes don’t know where you are any more. But that can be remedied: make a habit of stopping wherever you are for a few moments, several times a day, to go within and reconnect with your true self. Whether you are at home, at work or even in the street, think of doing this exercise. You will say, ‘What? In the street? Meditate in the street?’ No, I am not saying you should meditate in the street, but you can easily stop for a few seconds in front of a shop window and, without necessarily being focused or tense or concentrated on anything, close your eyes for a few seconds without thinking of anything. This allows your soul and spirit to rebalance the currents, and you find your sense of oneness again and feel pacified and strengthened. Try this, and you will understand just how much this seemingly insignificant practice can help you.