Jacob’s ladder

Symbol of the tree of life

November 29th 2012
In Genesis we are told that when Jacob left the land of Canaan to seek a wife, he came to a place where he spent the night. There, he went to sleep with his head resting on a stone. In his sleep he saw a ladder between earth and heaven, with angels going up and down it. This is how the cosmic hierarchy which cabbalists call the Tree of Life was revealed to him. Earth and heaven are not separate; there is a whole traffic and exchange of energy between them. Clairvoyants have seen beings come down and work on humans, animals, plants or rocks. Some left very quickly again, while others, on the contrary, stayed longer to spend more time on their task. For the time being, very few believe that such creatures and the work they do are real, but one day all of humanity will be aware of this traffic between earth and heaven, between earth and the sun and, even further out, in the entire universe to infinity.